My ultimate goal is to elicit a visceral response in the viewer. To communicate where words fail.

Prior to moving to Charlotte and giving birth to my five precious boys, I was blessed to call New Orleans home for ten years. The elegance and decadence of the city runs through my veins and inspires much of my work.

My work encompasses layer upon layer of texture. I achieve this through the use of multiple mediums, such as: resin, ink, cold wax, paper, pastels, spray paint, graphite, charcoal, and oil. I build layers then take them away to create a painting that is ultimately whole. The process of layering and stripping builds rich history and reveals patches of older, more forgotten colors (similar to the New Orleans architecture).

I use these mediums to build up, not only texture, but emotion. I start the process, but the paint usually takes over. Leading to an exhilarating, often unexpected outcome. 

-- R E B E C C A   D A V I S --